Are There Any Charging Stations at Washington DC Airport for Electronic Devices?

Staying connected while traveling is a must these days, but running out of battery can be one of the most frustrating aspects. To help travelers stay charged, airports and airlines are installing electric charging stations in terminals and aircraft seats. In this article, we'll explore the charging stations available at Washington DC Airport and other airports in the US. At Washington DC Airport, passengers can find free charging stations on all esplanades, in many boarding areas and in the terminal, outside the gate of international arrivals.

Power outlets are located next to most of John F's doors, as well as several electrical outlets placed next to the rocking chairs in the atrium. The newly built concession area also has power outlets. Hartsfield—Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a network of free, interactive charging stations installed by Monster Media. These charging stations allow users to charge their devices (and take a quick selfie) and are scattered throughout the airport.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has 26 charging stations with outlets, and most also have USB ports. When flying from Charlotte, travelers will find five charging stations on Explanade A, seven on Explanade B and C, six on Explanade D and one on Explanade E. Denver International Airport has hundreds of electrical outlets scattered throughout the airport, as well as charging stations with seats and workspaces throughout the Jeppesen terminal and on all three esplanades. Free power poles and dozens of charging stations are part of the New York Port Authority & New Jersey customer service program at Newark Liberty International Airport.

It's easy to find a place to connect in LaGuardia, and many of the power plants also have USB ports. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport offers plenty of places to charge energy, from Samsung power poles to countertop chargers. The airport is installing additional power outlets and USB ports in Terminal A-East and more power tables in Terminal A-West and Terminal F. Orlando International Airport has a few charging points, but options are still limited.

At Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), passengers can find dozens of outlets for charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other portable electronic devices next to most of John F's doors. The spacious workstations offer stools and tables, all as part of the customer service program of the New York Port Authority (&) of New Jersey in JFK. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has 240 electrical outlets and 204 USB ports, including 36 sets of tables and chairs equipped with power outlets and USB ports on all three terminals. In addition, the airport has installed 28 three-sided “Get Plugged In” charging kiosks with six electrical outlets and six USB ports located in lobby areas and entry areas beyond security control at the three terminals.

72 additional outlets and 36 USB ports will be added soon throughout the airport. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport offers power outlets under the seats on doors A, B, D and S. Alaska Airlines provides power outlets under the seats on doors C and N. There is an ADA-compliant charging station at Gate D with additional outlets being installed on doors C, D and N.Whether or not you can charge your electronic devices at a distance of 30,000 feet depends on the airline and type of aircraft. Some airplanes have outlets in each seat while others have them in selected rows or seats.

Our guide provides up-to-date information about onboard services as well as links to each airline's website. The FBI office in Denver has issued a warning about using public phone charging stations: avoid using free charging stations at airports, hotels or shopping malls. Find charging stations for electric vehicles in the United States and Canada on Natural Resources Canada. I contacted Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport to find out how they're keeping travelers safe when using their charging stations. California consumers have the right to opt out of the sale* of their personal information. For more information on how we securely process personal information, see our Privacy Policy. Do not sell my information ACTIVATED.

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